ghost-of-st-michael-s-1941-001-will-hay-schoolmasterI’ve long been a fan of the comedian Will Hay and although I cannot remember when I first watched one of his movies; I spent many hours as a kid laughing over his wonderful lighthearted comedy. Although I have now seen most of his movies many times, I occasionally watch one and find that it still holds great charm.

Three of my favourite films of his are as follows: Ask a Policeman, Oh Mr Porter and Where’s that Fire.

All three of these movies starred Hay with his most regular film companions, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt. Another favourite of mine, one without Moore and Moffatt, is the ghost of St Michael’s. This movie also starred John Laurie, Claude Hulbert and Charles Hawtrey.

It was a few months ago on a grey rainy day that I had the chance to visit his final resting place, so I made the short journey down to see his grave. Getting on the train and the walk to the cemetery added to the whole feeling of a personal kind of ceremony; one where I was making a special trip to see a much-admired comedian and man.

He is buried at the South London Crematorium, Streatham in London and the exact location of his grave is not far from the main entrance. Next to his grave is also a memorial to the many music hall performers that were so popular in the late 19th century.