Ghost StoriesIn this short ghost story, a young Victorian woman stays alone in the countryside in a family cottage. The cottage she is preparing to be sold to support her because of the death of her husband. However, she uncovers some unsettling truths, in this classic Victorian style ghost story.



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Ghost StoriesA man investigates an ancient myth in the deep countryside. A myth that originates from reported hauntings that took place long ago, but he does not believe they happened and feels they are nothing more than rumour and superstition. Although when he visits this location his eyes are opened to reality and that something strange is going on.



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Count Magnus (Ghost Story)

“Count Magnus” is the sixth story in the first collection of ghost stories published by M. R. James, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. In this ghost story, a British traveler in Sweden stumbles upon the history of a mysterious and ominous figure, Count Magnus.

This is the entire story recorded in audio, and if you wish, comments or questions can be posted in the accompanying blog post. (All other audiobooks on this site are written and produced by Chris J Mitchell)

Written by M. R. James

Narrated by Paul Ford

Produced by Chris J Mitchell